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Former Kentucky player (who played for Cal) will join the show tonight at 7pm!

Former Kentucky basketball walk-on, Tod Lantern will join Tim and Adam at 7pm tonight (Thursday, April 11) to discuss his three years playing under John Calipari and his thoughts on the search for a new coach. Lantern has made several appearances on Wildcat Sports Talk and has become one of Tim and Adam’s favorite guest. He brings a lot of basketball knowledge and insight to the show. “I can’t wait to talk to Tod now that Calipari has left Kentucky,” Adam said. “This could be very interesting. It will also be nice to get his take on who will be the next coach.”


  1. I can’t even wrap my head around this. I love Cal, I will check him out in AR but I will always support UK. Had the same feeling when Tubby left and I got over and I will get over this too.


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