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What are we doing Big Blue Nation?

Look Big Blue Nation, I know we wanted a big name coach. We wanted someone with multiple national titles, Final Fours and a 75 percent winning percentage against top 10 teams and we didn’t get that. I know we feel like we should have gotten any coach we wanted.

I understand that, but we didn’t. Instead we got a former Wildcat that won a national championship while playing for the best coach we’ve ever had. I know Mark Pope is not that “sexy” name that we all wanted, but he’s one of us. He knows and understands the tradition of Kentucky basketball. He knows that Kentucky is suppose to be about the fans and about winning.

It’s suppose to be about stories of Adolph Rupp and Cawood Ledford. It’s suppose to be about the Unforgettables. I think we need to show him some love and support. We need to show him that we believe in him. We need to welcome him home with open arms. We need to take pride in having a former Wildcat lead us. He was a part of the best college basketball team ever assembled.

We need to be proud of him. I know you are saying, “but he ain’t ready”, well only time will tell. We can show him some love and encouragement or we can ruin this whole thing before it gets started. Please make the right decision. This is his dream job, let’s not make it a nightmare


  1. I totally agree! Let’s just give the guy a chance before we start to prejudge what he can or can’t do. I personally believe he is a great hire! I certainly plan on supporting him all the way!

  2. I agree. Whose to say we aren’t looking at our own version of Dan Hurley. He was a nobody until last year. He missed the tournament the first 2 years he was at UCONN. But with the right support he’s built that team into a powerhouse, whose to say Coach Pope can’t do the same for us with the right support around him?

  3. I love this choice!! He was one of my favorite all time players!! He’s going to be great and lead KY to more titles than any other coach!

  4. Mark Pope the Wildcats and the BBN are getting ready to see some big success. The last five seasons we have had have been poor. Iv been following UK hoops since ’68 and have forgot more about Kentucky basketball than most of y’all know. This will be big.


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