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Danny Hurley explains why you pass on “neon” talent.

A lot of Kentucky fans are hoping that the Cats can land University of Connecticut coach Danny Hurley to replace John Calipari. What Hurley said in a recent interview is definitely what Kentucky fans like to hear.

During an interview with CBS This Morning, Hurley explained why he has passed up on what he calls “neon talent”. “We pass on neon talent to get more of a winning player, Hurley said. “You prioritize winning here as a head coach or you won’t be here too long.

We’ve passed on players with incredible measurable height and athleticism off the charts to bring somebody in here that’s going to give us a better chance to win.” Hurley has led the Husky’s to back-to-back national title games.


  1. Coach Cal doesn’t deserve the disrespect being shown to him. Your not happy he’s not happy but he’s giving you what you want by leaving and also leaving behind $millions to hire a new coach that’s going to win every game,SEC tournament and final four!

  2. Coach Cal was great for a while. He did good things here but has a new opportunity and that gives UK a new opportunity.


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